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January 26th, 2020

Redefine your style with Five Zero Watches

The History of Horology

Watches were first introduced to the world in the 16th century and originated from portable spring-driven clocks, which were first seen in the 15th century, all the way to pocket watches, which were worn by soldiers in World War I.

However, these watches have evolved immensely since that time, and haven't looked back.

As mentioned earlier, the first people to actually wear watches were the solders from World War I. They were tired of reaching in their pockets to get the time from their outdated pocket watch, so they found a way to bring the watch and to their wrists.

Later on, manufacturers were able to develop the technology to make their own, and mass production began. That's how the wristwatch era was born.

To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow.
- Kurt Vonnegut

Why People Wear Watches

You may be thinking.. Why would someone wear a watch when they could easily tell the time on their phones?

Well, It's not just about telling time.

So, what's it about?

Some would argue convenience, which that is true. Watches are very convenient, because you can just simply look and find the time.

However, that is not our reasoning.

Watches are stylish!

Most men only wear three types of jewelry - a pair of cuff links, a wedding band if they're married, and a nice watch.

Watches convey a lot about the owner's personality. Usually watches are understood as a timeless, masculine accessory.

I've always heard the saying - boys look at their phones to tell the time - men look at their watch.

Whatever you want to call it, a premium quality watch is a necessity for a man to redefine his style .

Written by Reed Funomoli

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